Jericho Brass Website News

New Jericho Brass website

Launched October, 2014.
  • Follow our concert schedule.
  • Learn about Jericho Brass and brass band history
  • Find out about joining and needed openings
  • Learn who “Brassworks” is
  • Look and listen to us
  • Contact us to discuss an engagement

4 thoughts on “Jericho Brass Website News”

  1. Posted Signal Mtn. and other past concerts as “Recent Concerts”, put in band picture with Robert at Signal in Post, set time of Rock City concert and moved it toward top, moved GS Luthern (tomorrow) to top, Posted “congratulations” to Eric and Joey Archer, added Erica’s picture on Personal Page, removed one Roman Festival joint concert, set 2nd joint concert for 4pm, May 17at Ringgold HS, added “Donate” page under “Contact” (thanks, Shannon), corrected Roman Festival Band link (thanks, Beth) and removed Lindy Blazek as member.

    Also added “Pedagogy News” as a forever News item (lower part of News list) for Robert Pendergast to notify those interested of updates. Then added
    “Brass Instruments School (Pedagogy)” Page where teaching videos will be organized and available (thank you, Robert.) Then added link to this page from new menu item on the left. Hope to have content here in Jan. 2015. This will be the structure and how one will keep up with new videos if interested. The whole band will not have to get emails about updates – only those interested.

  2. Updated Nov. 1, 2014 for:
    New members
    Added pictures of musicians
    Concert date changed (Clarinet Choir joint concert)
    Minor cosmetic updates

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