Jericho Brass



Since 1998,

Chattanooga’s Traditional Brass Band

   Brass Banding in America is a vibrant part of the musical world.  The fellowship within a brass band is unlike any other musical group.  Members of Jericho Brass express this musical bonding to our audiences young and old.

   2013-2014 is our 16th season of making great brass band music.  Our band’s name was inspired by the Old Testament account of Joshua's army, who blew their "lamb ram sheep horns" and caused the massive and unassailable walls of the city of Jericho to come crashing down.

     Our band is directed by Frank Hale, assisted by

Daniel Bowles.  

    We have a great relationship with The Salvation Army, which provides us with rehearsal and library space as well as moral support.

Note time Change for July 13 concert!