“British Style” Brass Band

There is a precise definition of a “British Brass Band.” This definition describes 27 – 29 players of the following instruments:

  • 1 Soprano Cornet (Eb)
  • 9 Cornets (Bb)
    • Front row: 1 Principal Cornet, 3 Solo Cornets
    • Back row: 1 Repiano Cornet, 2 2nd Cornets, 2 3rd Cornets
  • 1 Flugelhorn (Bb)
  • 3 Tenor Horns (Eb) – Solo, 1st, 2nd ( also called Alto Horns)
  • 2 Baritone horns (Bb) – 1st, 2nd
  • 2 Tenor Trombones (Bb) – 1st, 2nd
  • 1 Bass Trombone (C)
  • 2 Euphoniums (Bb)
  • 4 Basses (Tubas) 2 Eb, 2Bb
  • 2 -4  Percussion

Above definition from Wikipedia.

Note there are no trumpets (replaced by cornets) nor french horns, (replaced by tenor horn. )

For a community British Brass Band, of course, the number of positions might vary somewhat due to available personnel (too many or too few) and there is often some substitution in instruments, e.g., euphoniums playing baritone. Competitions follow a rigorous definition, however.

The Jericho Brass strives to follow the definition but is flexible to accommodate all those interested in participating.

Serving since 1998