Membership Skill

Many of the Jericho Brass members are very accomplished musicians, some from a professional performance background. Others are local band directors, etc. that have maintained their musical skills while others have “picked their horn back up” after many years of inactivity. A fair degree of competency is required to enjoy the Jericho Brass rehearsals because the music is often somewhat difficult, however, many members have been able to “come back” after years of layoff and contribute. All that is required is a dedication to participate.

Membership By Invitation

Typically, a prospective member shows interest after a discussion with one of the current members or contacts the Director. If it appears that the skill level is there (or could be shortly with some practice), an invitation to rehearsal is extended from the member (usually after discussion with others and/or members of the Board.) The prospective member then will attend a number of Monday night rehearsals to determine if there is a “good match.” If so, an invitation, approved by the Board including the Director, is extended. When accepted the new member will be welcomed and issued the Jericho Brass uniform.

Membership Responsibilities

Membership is more than “just skill” at the instrument. Attendance  is expected at weekly rehearsals and at the approximately once-a-month concerts. Not everyone can or wants to “tie-up” every Monday night “for the rest of their life” as it is generally described. Most members view this “obligation” as a privilege. Of course, conflicts can occur and all that is asked is that the Director and Librarian are notified in advance. Generally, each person supplies his/her own instrument although occasionally a loaner can be arranged. Finally, the Jericho Brass is a group of “brass band loving” folks who enjoy rehearsals, concerts and each other. This is a most important requirement of a prospective member.




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