Rehearsals & Concerts


Rehearsals are every Monday night (except very few holiday interruptions) at 7:00pm sharp to 9:00pm sharp. They are held at the Lakeview Ft Oglethorpe High School (LFO) Band Room, 1850 Battlefield Pkwy, Ft Oglethorpe. GA Dress is always casual.

The band Librarian thankfully sets up stands, chairs and hands out new music. (Advance notification of absence saves this unnecessary work.) The Director faithfully, by email, notifies the band of rehearsal plans well in advance. After warm-up time, there is about an hour of rehearsal, a 10 – 15 minute break, and continued rehearsal until 9:00pm – closing with prayer.


The Jericho Brass performs approximately once per month from September through July each year. See the current schedule. Members usually are expected to arrive 1/2 hour to 1 hour before performance time for a brief rehearsal (often with stand.) Usually dress is the Jericho Brass uniform (provided), however, there are uniform polo shirts (purchased by members) for more casual events.

Each concert program is known well in advance and usually at least 2 rehearsals focus on the next concert as well as later ones. There is publicity in local media as well as promotion by the venue provider. Attendance is free and open to all.

Dress Uniforms

 Knoxville Concert, – 2013

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