Thank you Patrons for supporting
JBB for this spring season! We will be
back this fall with more great
Brass Band music. See you then!

Please Help Jericho Brass Provide Concert Quality Music to Audiences

  1. The JERICHO BRASS BAND Thanks You for your contributions and donations to help us grow and bring excellent quality “English Style” Brass Band sounds and songs in the music we perform for the people of Chattanooga, for the region, in competitions, and elsewhere when possible and appropriate.

  2. Your donations and contributions are used to help us meet our operational expenses and costs related to our performances, such as the following:
      a. Donations and contributions help to fund various Master Classes, Reading Sessions with Experts in Brass music and performance clinics for members and youth brass players to grow their abilities.
      b. Purchase and maintenance of musical, and operational equipment (including percussion and transportation to concert venues) and music library needs and various supplies and tools.
      c. Competition entry fees and related expenses.
      d. All members of JERICHO pay an annual fee to the Band

  3. Your donations and contributions may be made at our events, or mailed at your convenience to the Jericho Brass Band address below:
       P.O. Box 8962
       Chattanooga, TN 37411

  4. The JERICHO BRASS BAND IS A 501(3)C organization. All donations to JERICHO are Tax Deductible.

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