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Our members comprise the region’s premier British-style brass band musicians. JBB is a 35 piece brass and percussion ensemble, adhering to the instrumentation of the “British Brass Band” tradition. Based in Chattanooga, JBB rehearses weekly and draws auditioned players from the North Georgia/Chattanooga Metropolitan area.

Our fundamental goal is to create a challenging environment for accomplished musicians, to celebrate and preserve the unique British Brass Sound, and share the results of our passion with the community through performances, education, and outreach.

We hope to achieve this objective by presenting high quality musical performances throughout our area that demonstrate the beauty and uncommon sounds of British Brass music, and providing a challenging setting where selected musicians can continually improve their brass banding abilities.

JERICHO BRASS BAND AND BRASSWORKS audition opportunities are available for brass & percussion players from September through May each season. We can perform music across a broad repertoire, including classical, pops, seasonal holiday (Christmas, etc.) appropriate for indoor or (weather permitting) outdoor concerts.

Auditions for brass and percussion players are always open for acceptance. To secure an audition date and time, please contact Zac Schmidt at

We’d encourage you to audition if our “membership” guidelines above stimulate your musical desire and interest.

British Brass Bands Are organized in specific sections and instrumentations. Here are JBB’s current players:

Eb Cornet Jerry Pollard
Solo Cornet Tommy Bulman, Music Educator
Zac Schmidt, Music Educator
Will Johnson, Music Educator
Dan Hanson, Retired Music Educator

Repiano Cornet Terry Major, Music Educator
2nd Cornet Jim Schwall, Retired, Westinghouse
Bob Schmidt, Retired Marketing & Advertising
Jamie Butler, Registered Nurse

3rd Cornet Bedford Allison, Realator
Bill Kile, Photography Studio
Flugelhorn Curt Elverd, Music Educator
Solo Eb Horn Matt McHenry, Music Educator
1st Eb Horn Christy Simmons, Registered Nurse
Jessica Butler, Freelance Musician
2nd Eb Horn David Crawford, Music Educator
Baritone 1 Jeb Martin, Systems Analyst
Baritone 2 Vicki Bogan, Retired Health Physics
1st Trombone Michael Wert, GE Locomotive
2nd Trombone Rich Stichler, Music Educator

Bass Trombone Allen Turner, Realtor
Jim Bladree, Recording Audio Mixer
Euphonium Phyliss Finney, Retired Music Educator
Bill Kinnaman, Structural Engineer
Eb Bass Lynn Moore, Retired Truck Fleet Manager
Gordon Lawrence, Retired R.R. Yard
Bb Bass David Butler, Retired Music Educator
Hans Rose, Retired Music Educator
Shannon O’Kelly, Coordinator

Percussion Logan Hudgins, VW Body Shop
Michael Griffin, Music Educator
James Albertson, Music Educator